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What Is ASE?

Acupressure Stress Elimination (ASE) is a non-invasive method of locating and removing energy blockages. ASE uses the body reflex points, similar to acupressure points. ASE does not diagnose or treat disease or symptoms. It looks at symptoms ONLY to understand WHY the body is responding inappropriately.

If the brain-body has intrinsic repair control functions then WHY is it that the body would malfunction at all? ASE helps locate body confusions and assists in the re-connection of its communication systems.

ASE is a way of cleaning up endocrine disruptors in the body so the body’s own hormones have the potential to work normally again. ASE doesn’t use hormones or medications as treatment, but is a technique to tap into the endocrine system through neurological reflex points with the intention of bringing communication back into the system.


Body Reflex Points

Each organ, body part, and gland has a different connection to the surface of the skin. These are called reflex points, and are, in effect, relay switches. In this case, the word "reflex" means relaying a response from a stimulus. If you put your hand on a hot stove, a reflex is sent from the brain to the hand muscles, which will quickly contract.

Body point reflexes are similar in that they can be triggered or stimulated to send information to the part of the body, OR if that part of the body has an energy block, it can send information to the superficial body reflex point, which can be identified through muscle testing. An analogy would be to getting your heart tested (EKG) from electrodes on the surface of the skin - you are assessing the heart via the skin points. The points can relay electrical information.


Frequently Asked Questions About ASE


Can ASE treat my symptoms?

ASE doesn't treat medical conditions. It doesn't even treat symptoms. ASE is unique in that symptoms (effects), which are merely the body's attempt to tell us something, should be first understood. What is the body trying to do when it's holding on to inflammation in a knee joint for 5 years? Why would the body continue to send inappropriate pain signals to an area in the body for more than 3 days? Why is the body keeping a muscle spasm in the shoulders while the person is in a relaxed state?

ASE goes beyond the symptom. It looks at areas of body confusion or energy blockages. Many people think that symptoms are NORMAL. This is absolutely not true. Symptoms are not normal and are ALL inappropriate unless in the acute stage of healing. For body repair to occur, the brain needs to be connected to each organ and gland. The nervous system needs to be communicating with the endocrine (hormone) system. As long as there is a proper flow of these communication systems, everything works fine. ASE looks at those barriers within its communication systems.


How does ASE work?

Fortunately the body has a built-in keypad and self-testing-type mechanism to assess the location of "lack of energy flows." The body is basically a living computer composed of a multitude of electrical and chemical circuits, switches, resistors, and fuses. It runs at a very specific temperature—98.6 degrees. Most these circuits in the body are set on automatic (involuntary). Each energy pathway links to the surface of the skin—body reflex points. They are very similar to acupressure points, which have been around for thousands of years. Like a computer, the body can be susceptible to viruses, interferences, overloads, blown fuses, shut-downs, frozen programs, and so forth.

Information about the nature and cause of these energy alterations can be assessed through the nervous system. You can use these points as the keyboard to "tap into" the bio-computer to gain information.


How does the body get energy blockages?


The body can be damaged by chemicals, toxins, microbes, injury, bad eating habits, food chemicals, radiation, scars, stress, or genetic weaknesses. All these things can leave confusion and energy blockages at different locations. Toxicologists (doctors that study poisons) study what chemicals cause damage in different parts. For example: heavy metals can lodge in certain tissues (like nerves); as compared to pesticides, which can lodge in other tissues (like the liver). We have found that the body does better WITHOUT chemicals and toxins.

The surface receptors on the body are the links to the nervous system and brain. Just try touching a hot stove and you'll understand how the receptors work. Your finger tips are basically an extension of the brain. If these receptors get damaged in any way, the information that is supposed to be received by them can be altered. Have you ever said something to someone and they twisted what you said? Sometimes this can happen with body communications through the nervous system.

ASE is a method of looking at the nervous system's interacting with body reflex points. Thus we can gain feedback from the body, which directs us toward the physical energy blockage, and the cause of the problem.


Once You Find The Problem, How Does ASE Correct It?

ASE only uses the triggering (hands-on) of the body’s neurological reflex points as its correction. Sounds simple doesn't it? The next question is usually, "how can someone possibly do anything to improve body function by triggering body reflex points?"

ASE borders on magic in its results. You have to experience it to really understand it. The best thing to demonstrate ASE on is pain or fatigue, because the effects are something that can be perceived and rated as "before" and "after"—most people notice results within seconds after the correction.


How many visits does a person need?

That varies from patient to patient. The longer a person has had a problem, the longer the body has had to add layer upon layer of compensations over it. The first visit evaluation will help give an estimate on the number of visits. It could range from a dozen to several dozen visits. Most clients fall within the 10-20 visit range, depending on the complexity and number of complaints presented.



I had a chronic cough for more than a year. I went to a pulmonologist who told me I had incurable, untreatable pulmonary fibrosis. After six weeks of nutrition and ASE visits with Dr. Sonja and Noel, my cough improved significantly and my ears became unclogged. I went back to the same pulmonologist and he told me my lung issues had cleared up and he no longer believed I had pulmonary fibrosis after all. I praise God and I thank Well Within.
— Patti A.
I had been plagued by chronic tennis elbow for two years, and one month after seeing Noel for Acupressure Stress Elimination my tennis elbow has not returned.
— Melanie D.