Daniel Plan 2/15/17: God Will Supply the Power You Need

Good day to all! 

Thanks for all the feedback about your successes and struggles. We all share them. The journey is almost never a straight one, and includes a number of course corrections along the way. Hang in there and remember that if you don't quit, you won't lose!

Today, I am going to rely extensively on the end of the Daniel Plan chapter on faith, because I think it articulates very well the thoughts I am trying to convey:

"We want you to remember a very important truth: God is not waiting for you to get physically healthy or spiritually mature before he starts loving you. He loves you right now, and he will be cheering you on at every stage of your growth and development. He is not waiting for you to cross the finish line first. He is smiling at you as you run the race.

You might be thinking, But what if I happen to stumble or fall in the race? God will still love you. Imagine this scene: If parents are watching their child run a race at school and the child stumbles and falls, what do loving parents do? They cheer even more loudly. They don't criticize or belittle the child. They yell, "I know you can do it! Get up! I believe in you! Don't be discouraged! It's just a minor setback! Keep going! I know you can make it to the finish line!"

That is what God is saying to you right now. "I'm proud of you for trying, and I'm going to be helping you. I will supply the power you need if you will spend time with me reading my Word every day, if you will depend on my Spirit inside you every moment, and if you will trust me to use every circumstance in your life for you good and growth."

So this is your moment to grasp God's love and power. The moment you get a clearer view and stronger foundation of faith. The moment when God starts to change you from the inside out."

-Daniel Plan: 40 Days to a Healthier Life

Today (and every day's) Bible verse:

What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?
— Romans 8:31

Peace and Blessings!