Daniel Plan 2/6/17: Niagara Falls and the Grandeur of God

Hello to all!

I hope you all got to enjoy the great Super Bowl game last night. I didn't care who won, so I'm glad it was an exciting contest. My condolences to all Atlanta fans.

Today I wanted to talk some more about water.

We probably wouldn't think of going a day without washing the outside of our bodies, so why do we not give the inside of our bodies the same consideration? While it is true that the more vegetables you eat, the less water you have to drink, it is still a good policy for adults to consume a couple of liters of water a day.

What's all that got to do with faith you ask?

Well, this is going to be a two-part discussion so I want to continue on the subject of God's grandeur by talking about one of the most magnificent spectacles of nature I have ever seen: Niagara Falls. When I was a kid, we lived about 75 miles away from the Falls, and would go there several times a year. I have seen it frozen. I've seen it flooded. I've even seen it shut off, from the American side.

We used to drive to Buffalo, go over the Peace Bridge to Fort Erie. From there we'd drive the 20 miles or so along the Niagara River to the Canadian Falls, which are much more impressive than the American side, I'm sad to report.

Time for the grandeur part.

The Niagara river runs between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, and water from all four of the upper Great Lakes drains through this river, ultimately winding it's way to the sea via the Saint Lawrence Seaway. The Niagara river drops an average of a foot per mile during it's approximate 17-mile journey to the Falls. The river picks up enough speed along the way that it is moving 35-40 miles-per-hour by the time it hits the drop. This plunges 6 million gallons of water per second over the edge, generating wind gusts of up to 70 miles-per-hour.

Witnessing this spectacle, it's hard not to be impressed with the sheer power on display, and to realize that it is nothing compared to the power of He who made it. No matter how powerful one could become on this earth, the power of God dwarfs the greatest of human achievements.

When the Bible talks about fear of the Lord it is talking about this acknowledgement of His all surpassing power.

More tomorrow. Best of luck with the Plan.

Today's Bible verse:

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do His commandments: his praise endureth for ever.
— Psalms 111:10