Patient Testimonial: Carlos the Softball Enthusiast

If you've checked out our testimonials page recently, you surely have noticed the picture of a handsome young(ish) softball player. His name is Carlos, and he's been coming to Well Within for a little less than six months.

Carlos, an avid softball player, came to us with a laundry-list of maladies: plantar fasciitis, multiple knee surgeries, a torn rotator cuff and rampant inflammation. On top of that, he was complaining of a lack of energy AND he was having trouble sleeping. Carlos's biggest complaint, however, was that the doctors he went to see for all of these issues never wanted to dig deep and figure out what was causing his aches and pains.

After his initial visit, Carlos committed 100% to the plan of action laid out by Dr. Sonja and Noel. This plan consisted of nutritional counseling, acupressure treatment and whole food supplements.

One by one, the ailments that had plagued Carlos in the past started to abate. The inflammation subsided. He started sleeping through the night. In this first month on the program, Carlos lost an astounding 13 pounds!

The most important thing, however, was the renewed energy he found. He's been able to increase the number of softball games and he's recently rediscovered his love for racquetball. 

Three months out, Carlos had lost a total of 23 pounds. His body fat was down to 8% and his energy level is better than ever. 

That renewed energy and increased mobility helped Carlos lead his team to victory in the Florida State Championship softball tournament just a few weeks ago.

Fortunately, Carlos's story is par for the course around here, assuming the patient follows the nutritional regimen and takes the recommended supplements. 

For more information on Carlos's story, or if you're ready to start your own journey back to good health, give us a call, send us an email, or drop in anytime during business hours.